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Squad//87 - Tech Tool Kit

Squad//87 - Tech Tool Kit

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Wether you're build a PC, modding a video games console or fixing a piece of technology. You often come across screws that have a non conventional head type. Which stumps all your progress, delays your project and can be ultimately frustrating. The NEW Squad//87 Tech Tool Kit is the perfect solution. Including all the relevant screwdriver bits, sizes and so much more! Saving you time, making the job much easier. 

- 130Pcs precision screwdriver set includes 117 screwdriver bits: Phillips, Flathead, Torx, Torx Security, Pentalobe screwdriver and more, special handle, extension shaft, tweezers, suction cup, etc. Complete Screwdriver kit meets your needs to tackle any repairs or modifications. 

- Huge variety of bits made to repair every device: tablet, laptop, PC, smartphone, watch, glasses, wearables, camera, PlayStation / Xbox and household appliances.

- Screwdriver sets are equipped with a storage box made of impact-resistant PP material. Safe storage of all of your screwdriver attachments and accessories. Allowing for easy transport. 

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